Welcome to my blog called CapturedMuse, it’s only called that because I’m putting out to the world some of the very few muses I’ve actually put together for the public. I love thinking of very quirky story lines and playing them out in my head, but I rarely share. I’ve had a change of heart more recently due to how much I love the idea of Sims Legacies and the challenge that it holds so I want to share it with everyone. I even ask my little sister to read it. (Love ya sis!) Especially after reading and posting in The Writer’s Hangout. Also check out SimStories and¬†Simmer’s Society.



Please Note

For all the Sim Legacies that I write I’ll be using the rules documented here unless otherwise stated. I am using the Master Controller, Ultra-Plain Faces, and Oh My Tiffany Eyes. I started using all three of those on 2/26/11.


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